Experience The Best Accommodation in Salt Lake City

Perfect amenities make hotels even better but what if your wallet cannot afford to splurge on extravagant services? Well, worry no more because Salt Lake City hotels offer amenities that are suitable for your budget. With a delicious breakfast, a good lunch, on-site restaurants, room service, and other facilities, your budget traveling can be one of the best you have had. It all depends on the administration of the hotel and how smart you have been in finding the best place for your stay.

Crystal Inn Hotel, like its name, is crystal-clear when it comes to its beauty and service. Do not worry about its price because this four-star hotel offers one of the best accommodations for budget traveling at the lowest prices. It is ideally located approximately six miles away from the SLC International Airport. Your stay will be made far more enjoyable due to the local attractions located close to the hotel. Delta Center, Gateway Mall, Raging Waters, Hogle Zoo, Temple Square and Lagoon Amusement Park are only several attractions located a few feet away. Complimentary high-speed internet, breakfast and courtesy airport shuttle service is offered.

Welcome to Wolfe Krest Hotel. Standing only three stories, this Georgian Revival manor offers one of the best breath-taking views of the Salt Lake Valley. If you are an avid sight-seer then head off to Wolfe Krest. It is located only two or three blocks away from the downtown district of Salt Lake City. Parking is not a problem for the guests of this hotel. Each room is given individual attention so that it is spacious and elegant for its accommodator. Room service is provided every morning so that breakfast can be enjoyed in bed. Rooms are rather large and comfortable. Wolfe Krest is famous for its Halloween attraction. They say there is a resident ghost on the second floor. How thrilling and spooky could your vacation get?

Royal accommodation for the budget traveler is offered by Marriott Salt Lake City Center. Full service is provided to each guest. It is most ideally located in the heart of the city’s business and entertainment district. It is adjacent to Gallivan Center. Guests can drop their bags and run off to enjoy concerts, ice skating, and other amusing events. The building offers 359 rooms along with 17 suites. For business and leisure travelers alike, two private concierge floors and 15,000 square feet of conference space is available. Each and every room is appointed with wonderful helpers. Interactive conference facilities along with high-speed internet and multi-phones for available.

We all love European opulence when it concerns traveling. That is why La Europe Royale is ideally made for the lover of absolute elegance from the core of Europe. Privacy and intimacy are offered by this hotel to every guest. Tasty breakfast and delicious lunch along with on-site restaurants for dinner make the stay even more comfortable and ‘scrumptious’. A fitness center, wheelchair accessibility, spa plus massage center, hot tub, fireplace, jogging track, a television set in each room and other facilities are provided throughout the hotel. A Bohemian Bar and Grill is present for late-night entertainment with your partner.

Chase Suite Hotel in Salt Lake City is located in downtown SLC district. Barely nine miles away from SLC International Airport, this hotel is famous for its cozy and intimate look. It is only several feet away from many local restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment areas. It is situated several minutes away from the University of Utah. A complimentary breakfast buffet is served daily while evening socializing if offered by the hotel so that lone traveler is never bored. A swimming pool is present on-site while pets are allowed. Broadband access and other amusing amenities are provided so that your vacation is well-kept one.

Budget traveling is easy in Salt Lake City hotels if you are wise enough to check concise guides and other directories that provide accurate information regarding hotels. Always make sure to invest your money in the right place.